27 Bead Pocket Malas

Our 27 Bead Pocket Malas feature the same vibrant element-inspired designs and semi-precious stones as our 108 Bead Malas, but in a smaller, quarter size version perfect for travel. Our Pocket Malas are broken into three sections of 9 instead of four sections of 27. They are also available in a beautiful Triratna pattern emphasizing groupings of three. In addition to the sacred symbolism of the number 108 (and therefore the number 27), the number 3 is sacred in Buddhism as well. In Buddhism, the number 3 can be seen to represent the Three Jewels (the Triratna) that make up Buddhism. These are: The Buddha, The Dharma (The body of teachings that describe Buddhist doctrine and belief), and The Sangha (The group of people who follow the Buddha and his teachings). Some people choose to use these as travel size meditation malas at a compact quarter size of a full 108 beads, while other people prefer to wear them on their wrist to benefit from the metaphysical properties alone or to promote mindfulness.

Ask us about our custom designs! Let us know what you're looking to build and we can help make it a reality.

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