108 Bead Malas

Aware Boutique specializes in artisanal hand-knotted Malas designed and created within the traditions of ancient meditation practices to enhance mindfulness in daily life. Each garland of semi-precious stones, mindfully selected for its power to attract or overcome specific feelings, thoughts, or emotions, is associated with one of the classical elements. All of our malas have a full 108 beads, plus 3 marker beads (not to be counted in mediation), and a guru bead, breaking the mala into 4 sections of 27 beads. Our malas also feature handmade tassels in variagated colors of 100% silk thread. We source the finest materials, hand chosen from suppliers in New York City, thoughtfully designed and hand-knotted into powerful combinations that are both aesthetically beautiful and spiritually resonating pieces of jewelry to be worn and used during meditation or simply to aid in seeking out a mindful life.

Ask us about our custom designs! Let us know what you're looking to build and we can help make it a reality.

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