Cleansing Bundle | Full Smudge Kit

Cleansing bundles are great tools to be used to clear energy that builds up over time in your malas, home, or self. This bundle contains all the tools you need to maintain clear and positive energy and manifest serenity, love and happiness. Our bundle comes fully assembled with all the elements inside the shell, and tied together with a recycled sari silk ribbon from India. Each Cleansing bundle also includes a cotton muslin bag to store it in. Perfect as a housewarming gift, or a wonderful way to invest in your own self care practice!

Other available options include:

+ Silk cord: for an additional $5, I will string the crystal charm of your choice on a piece of silk thread to be worn as a necklace. This option also includes all the components of the full smudge kit.

+ Wire-wrapped Charm: For an additional $10, you may purchase the wire-wrapped upgrade and I will use tarnish-resistant Gold Plated or Sterling Silver Plated wire to wire wrap the crystal of your choice and turn it into a pendant on a leather cord. This option also includes all the components of the full smudge kit.

Shell Only / No Bundle: This option includes only the Abalone shell and crystal charm, but does not include the bundle components.

Bundle Only / No Shell: This option comes with all the above components except the shell. Includes White Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, and Amethyst or Citrine Crystal Charm.

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