Intention Bracelets

Our Intention Bracelets feature the same vibrant Element-inspired designs and semi-precious stones as our 108 Bead Malas and Pocket Malas, but in a smaller, adjustable bracelet without a tassel. These bracelets are perfect for wearing to benefit from the metaphysical properties of the stones, or as a simple reminder to prioritize mindfulness in daily life. Our bracelets showcase a beautiful Triratna pattern emphasizing groupings of 3, with marker beads between each set. While our bracelets do not contain the sacred 27 beads for counting mantras, the number three is sacred in Buddhism as well. In Buddhism, the number 3 can be seen to represent the Three Jewels (the Triratna) that make up Buddhism. These are: The Buddha, The Dharma (The body of teachings that describe Buddhist doctrine and belief), and The Sangha (The group of people who follow the Buddha and his teachings). Our bracelets are available in three different lengths, with either 6mm or 8mm beads. Since these bracelets are adjustable, measurements reflect the shortest (fully closed) length of each size. Sizes are as follows: Small - 6.25" (only available in 6mm), Medium - 7.5" (6mm or 8mm), Large - 8.75" (6mm) or 9" (8mm). Custom sizes available upon request.

Ask us about our custom designs! Let us know what you're looking to build and we can help make it a reality.

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